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How to Get Started with a New Garbage Vendor

what to expect, what information you should get ready, and how this new opportunity is a chance to change how you handle garbage and recycling in your home, business, or community. Below, we’ll go over the basics of working with a new garbage vendor, from how much garbage you produce to compactors and delays.

Getting Started: Information to Have

First, you’ll need some information. If you’ve got the same needs you did with your previous vendor, you probably won’t need to do any additional work before contacting us. However, there are some things to keep in mind.

Single-Family Residences

How much garbage do you generate? This will be important for cart sizing (see below) but also for pickup days. Besides that, we recommend reading up on our community resources, including garbage and recycling in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Apartment & HOAs

For larger communities, condos, and multi-family housing, things get a little more complicated depending on your current setup and future needs. This can include the use of individual carts but also larger dumpsters and compactors. We’ve got a blog specifically for apartment needs here, as well as a more general blog, Finding the Best Trash Collection Service for Your Community.

Commercial Clients

Commercial clients can face even greater needs, including irregular surges in garbage and recycling, as well as industrial-level needs for garbage, recycling, and compactors. Security can also be important, something we cover in our Dealing with Illegal Dumping at Your Business or Work Site blog.

Your Needs: Bins, Dumpsters & Compactors

A major part of working with a new garbage vendor is correctly sizing containers to the amount of garbage (and recycling) you’re creating to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hauling schedule without significant delays. How much does your family, apartment, or business generate?

  • Garbage & Recycling Bins: We offer 65-gallon and 95-gallon bins and a weekly or every-other-week schedule (A/B Schedule). Have extra trash? Learn more about your options for dealing with it.
  • Residential & Commercial Dumpsters: For bigger needs, including apartments and businesses, we offer larger front-loading dumpsters in 2 to 10 cubic yards.
  • Compactor & Container Sizing: We also offer installation, maintenance, and servicing of compactors, including containers of 15 to 40 cubic yards.

Looking Up Schedules, Delays, and Billing

Of course, it also pays to know when your garbage and recycling are being picked up, potential delays and holidays, and any billing issues:

If you’re a new customer here at LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, we welcome you! Check out our customer page, which is filled with resources, as well as this blog. If you’re looking for a new vendor, learn the difference an experienced rubbish remover makes and reach out to us. We serve both MA and CT communities and businesses, from residential garbage and recycling to dumpster delivery and commercial garbage handling to compactor rentals. Want to learn more? Contact us today or dive right into getting a quote! We are at your disposal.

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