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What to Expect with LeBoeuf Holiday Delays

We all look forward to the holidays, but from store times to hauling delays, it’s important to plan ahead to avoid any issues when it comes to vacations, holiday parties, and the days after. Today we’re going to go over what holidays we observe here at LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, how these cause handling delays, when you should expect delayed pickup, and information on other handling delays and best practices to help avoid them.

Which Holidays Does LeBoeuf Observe?

LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal observes the following holidays for all of our staff.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

How Recycling and Garbage Handling Delays Work

As you can see from the list above, some holidays have fixed dates (such as Independence Day), while others have fixed days of the week (such as Thanksgiving). This means that the holidays can fall on any day of the week, including weekends. Below is a breakdown of what to expect if the holiday falls on your pickup day, regardless of when it might be:

  • Monday pickup ► Delayed to Tuesday
  • Tuesday pickup ► Delayed to Wednesday
  • Wednesday pickup ► Delayed to Thursday
  • Thursday pickup ► Delayed to Friday
  • Friday pickup ► Delayed to Saturday
  • If the holiday falls on a weekend, there will be no delay.

Note that routes may be done differently on holidays due to garbage or recycling facilities closing earlier than normal or traffic and route issues (see below).

Other Types of Handling Delays

While holidays are planned delays in garbage and recycling pickup, there are also more unexpected delays. Inclement weather (such as Nor’easter snowstorms or flooding) and construction can severely affect road conditions or even cut off access to certain parts of a route, causing delays in pickup that can stretch from a few hours to days. Learn more about them in our blog, What Causes Handling Delays in Garbage and Recycling Pickup? A shorter delay can be caused by cart placement and bagging issues, so make sure to follow best practices to avoid delaying workers.

How to Stay Informed

We want everyone to know about any delays in handling as soon as we do, so we offer several options to our customers to stay up to date on any changes to their schedules.

  • Visit Our Customer Page: We have a dedicated customer page with resources for current customers, including A/B schedules, holiday delays, and any announcements.
  • Check Your Email: We send out emails about delays to any customers on those routes, so please be sure your email is on file and up to date with us (contact us to update your email).
  • Find Us on Social Media: We post regularly to Facebook, including announcements about any upcoming delays! Like our page to get regular updates delivered right into your feed.
  • Contact Us: You can, of course, reach out directly to us using the contact form on our website, emailing us at LeboeufDispatch@gmail.com, or calling us at 508-764-6677.

Whether it’s the holidays when you read this blog, or you’re curious about how to plan ahead, we hope that this blog helps you better plan for holiday delays. If you’re not a current customer but are interested in a garbage and recycling hauling company that keeps you in the loop on delays and best practices, contact LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal. We offer both residential and commercial services, along with dumpster rentals, and we’d love to talk. We are at your disposal.

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