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What Causes Handling Delays in Garbage and Recycling Pickup?

No one likes handling delays in garbage and recycling—but why do they happen? From the unexpected to the planned, learn more about the delays that can happen around garbage and recycling hauling, what you can do to help avoid delays on your end, and where you can get more information about delays from LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal to better plan for pickup.

Causes of Handling Delays in Pickup

While there are many causes of delays, the four most common categories are as follows:

  • Inclement Weather: Snowstorms are a fact of life in New England. Depending on the severity and road conditions leading up to your home or business, delays or inaccessibility issues may occur. Make sure to clean snow from around and under the carts so they can be picked up.
  • Construction: If there is construction in your area, especially if roads are closed or closed to non-local traffic, our trucks may be delayed in traffic or unable to access your home or business. If inaccessible, we’ll take up to a reasonable amount that would fit in an extra cart at the following pickup.
  • Holidays: We provide a listing of all the holidays LeBeouf takes off on our website and more in-depth in this blog post. If your scheduled pickup day falls on or after the holiday, you will be picked up one day later. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be no delay.
  • Cart Placement Issues: It’s essential to keep your garbage and recycling bins accessible to our trucks with their articulated arms. This means keeping them out at the curb with no overhead issues and loading them properly (see below for best practices).

What You Can Do to Help with Delays

As we talk about in our blog, Properly Bagging Trash and Cart Placement for LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, improper placement and filling your garbage and recycling bins can lead to delays in pickup. Make sure all garbage is bagged and doesn’t overfill or stuff the cart. For recycling, make sure to cut up cardboard so no pieces need to be crammed into the cart. Both can delay handling by having the bin improperly empty, causing our staff delays in emptying the bins or picking up spilled trash manually. Also, properly place the bin to avoid issues with the arm that picks up bins and moves them to the access hatch.

Staying Up to Date on Delays with LeBoeuf

We want everyone to know about any delays in handling as soon as we do, so we offer several options to our customers to stay up to date on any changes to their schedules.

  • Visit Our Customer Page: We have a dedicated customer page with resources for current customers, including A/B schedules, holiday delays, and any announcements.
  • Check Your Email: We send out emails about delays to any customers on those routes, so please be sure your email is on file and up to date with us (contact us to update your email).
  • Find Us on Social Media: We post regularly to Facebook, including announcements about any upcoming delays! Like our page to get regular updates delivered right into your feed.
  • Contact Us: You can, of course, reach out directly to us using the contact form on our website, emailing us at LeboeufDispatch@gmail.com, or calling us at 508-764-6677.

We hope this blog has helped you better understand the delays, what you can do to help, and the resources available to you to stay up to date. If you’re not a current customer but are interested in a garbage and recycling hauling company that keeps you in the loop on delays and best practices, it’s time to contact us. We offer both residential and commercial services, along with dumpster rentals, and we’d love to talk. We are at your disposal.

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