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Dealing with Illegal Dumping at Your Business or Work Site

Whether it’s an old mattress, some beat-up tires, or a full garage’s worth of junk: no one wants to see that in or around their businesses’ dumpsters or at a work site. If you’re having such problems and want to avoid the time, fines, and headaches surrounding illegal dumping at your business or work site, it’s time to take action. In this article, we’ll go over why illegal dumping happens, best practices to avoid it happening at your business, and how your garbage hauler can help.

Why Does Illegal Dumping Occur?

Often, illegal dumping is an opportunistic crime. People who are familiar with your business or work site see an opportunity to get rid of things they can’t get rid of at home that may have a cost associated with disposal, such as mattresses, tires, or old electronics. This means that accessibility to the dumpsters is often the primary cause of illegal dumping. The biggest culprit here is employees, who have the means to access the dumpsters and know when they could dump without being caught. Still, if your dumpsters are easily accessible and visible to passersby, it can come from complete strangers.

Best Practices to Avoid Illegal Dumping

So, what can your business do to avoid illegal dumping into your garbage or dumpster? The best options are to go to the roots of the problem by:

  • Providing Instruction to Employees: Your employees should know what does and doesn’t go in garbage and recycling as part of their job, but you can also provide instruction on home waste and state & city programs.
  • Restricting Access & Posting Signage Near Dumpsters: Limited accessibility is a double-edged sword, as you still need to provide access to your hauler. Signage, however, can help dissuade opportunists and provide clear enforcement. Cameras are an even better option.
  • Using the Right Garbage & Dumpster Service: Your garbage or dumpster hauler can also provide options to avoid illegal dumping, including technology and oversight to help avoid illegal dumping. Learn more about that below.

How We Help: Locking Dumpsters and Truck Cameras

As an experienced hauler with years in commercial garbage management and roll-off dumpsters for worksites and projects, LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal has the skills and the tools to help with situations like this. We offer self-locking cans—dumpsters that you can lock to prevent dumping. Cameras also help us: all of our trucks are equipped with cameras to take snapshots of garbage as it’s being dumped—including for our residential services, helping with any issues of unaccepted products being placed in the trash.

If you’re having issues with illegal dumping at your business or work site or want to avoid those problems in the first place, it’s time to work with LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal. We provide both commercial waste management services and dumpster rentals to businesses across Massachusetts and Connecticut, alongside our residential services. Contact us today to learn more and get a consultation on your issues and how we can help. We are at your disposal.

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