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What’s Allowed in Dumpster Rentals?

Planning a big project that’s too much for your regular garbage service to handle? It’s time to look at renting a dumpster. But depending on what waste your home or business project generates, you might be worried about what’s allowed in dumpster rentals. It’s a common question we get here at LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, so we’ve written this article to help provide the answers and additional information. Let’s dive in.

Everything in Your Normal Trash

There are pretty specific reasons you might need a dumpster at home or for your business, but even if it’s just a large amount of garbage, that’s perfectly fine to put in a dumpster. There are some exceptions on volume (see the Waste Disposal Ban section below), but otherwise, if it normally goes in the bin, you can put it in the dumpster. Make sure you’re getting the right-sized dumpster for your project, and if it’s just a little extra, your hauler often has other options than dumpsters: see our blog, Dealing with Extra Trash (and Recycling) for Your Hauler.

Construction Materials and Bulky Items

Besides the raw disposal capacity, the next biggest draw of dumpster rentals is the ability to dispose of certain types of bulky debris and waste you normally wouldn’t be able to. This includes two major categories. First, dumpsters are generally categorized as “demolition debris,” meaning they can contain construction materials normally banned from disposal, perfect if you’re planning a home remodel. Second, you can include bulky items like furniture, though if you’re a current customer with us, you can also use our Bulk Item Pickup Service.

All Other Waste Disposal Bans Still Apply

In the states we operate, Massachusetts and Connecticut, there are similar laws restricting what can be thrown away. While our blog, Understanding Waste Disposal Bans for Massachusetts and Connecticut, goes into more detail, items not allowed include:

  • Recyclable Items: Products that are recyclable and accepted by your hauler need to be separated and hauled as single-stream recycling. We’ve got a handy chart you can review for all types of accepted recycling.
  • Hazardous Waste & Appliances: Certain types of products are categorized as hazardous waste and need to be disposed of at dedicated facilities, including batteries, freon-containing appliances, and certain chemicals.
  • Landfill-Banned Items: Certain specific items are banned from landfills, such as mattresses and box springs, tires, and electronics, all of which have dedicated haulers and facilities for recycling.
  • Organic/Yard Waste: Both states ban organic waste, such as yard debris, from landfills. There is also a ban on large amounts of organic waste, especially from businesses.
  • Hauler Hazards: Certain items pose threats to garbage trucks. Some examples include liquids (which leak onto roadways and can cause fines), steel drums (assumed to be full of liquids), gas tanks, sharps, and ashes (that pose explosion hazards).

Ready to rent a dumpster? You can do it right here! At LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, we want to help all our customers get trash and recycling out of their homes and businesses in the most efficient way, be it hauling service, dumpsters, or even compactor installation and servicing. Learn more about all of our residential, commercial, and current customer services for all your disposal needs. Do you have any questions or want to contact us? Do so here or call us at 508-764-6677. We are at your disposal.

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