Excerpt from the LeBoeuf single-stream recycling flyer.

What Can You Recycle with LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal?

At LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, we want to make dealing with your waste, whether garbage or recycling, residential or commercial, as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve updated our recycling flyer to make it easier than ever to recycle the right products. This is a companion blog to that graphic and will go into more detail on what you can recycle with LeBoeuf, what single-stream recycling is, and what products aren’t allowed in recycling bins.

Single-Stream Recycling with LeBoeuf

Single-steam or “mixed recycling” allows all products to be collected in the same bin. This recycling process is good for everyone: it makes it easier for residents and commercial consumers to recycle by putting everything into one bin or dumpster and making it more efficient for haulers like us to pick it up from homes and businesses. Still, there are some restrictions and best practices to remember when using single-stream recycling.

A flyer for LeBoeuf single-stream recycling, with allowed recyclables, tips, and links to more information.

Accepted Recycling and Best Practices

If you’re familiar with the rules around waste disposal bans for Massachusetts and Connecticut, you’ll already know most of what can and can’t go in our recycling bins. Below, we list out everyday products and best practices to get the most out of your bin:

  • Plastic Bottles & Containers: Check plastic containers for the #1 to #7 recycling codes. Make sure they are clean and empty. No plastic bags, wrap, or utensils.
  • Metal Cans: Aluminum, steel, and tin cans are accepted, including beverage containers and canned food containers. They need to be emptied and cleaned, but the labels can stay on.
  • Glass Bottles & Jars: All glass bottles and jars are recyclable as long as they are empty and clean. Labels can stay on, but lids should be removed.
  • Paper Products: Most paper products can be recycled, including mail, envelopes, magazines, newspapers, paper bags, and office/printer paper. No shredded paper, please.
  • Corrugated Cardboard: Most forms of corrugated cardboard are accepted, including boxes, cereal boxes, and cartons. They must be flattened and cut up to fit in bins.

Make sure to place recycling loosely in the cart—packing it tightly can prevent the recycling from leaving the bin when tipped. Don’t bag recycling.

Materials Not Accepted for Recycling

However, there are products that are not accepted for recycling. These include specific things, such as pizza boxes, but also hazardous or dangerous products, like propane and aerosol cans, which can detonate in our trucks’ compactors. A full list is below:

  • No plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic cutlery, or unmarked plastic
  • No Styrofoam
  • No pizza boxes, paper plates, paper towels, or food waste
  • No shredded paper
  • No batteries, electronics, light bulbs, cords, hoses, or wires
  • No broken glass or window glass/glass panes
  • No ceramics or dishware
  • No aerosol cans, paint cans, or propane cans
  • No hazardous materials

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful, whether you’re a current customer or thinking about making the switch to LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal. We have over 50 years of experience helping individuals and organizations in Massachusetts and Connecticut tackle garbage and recycling. Learn more about our residential and commercial services, of which recycling is only one. If you have any questions about recycling or the flyer, contact us today. We are at your disposal.

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