Ditching the Dump: Our Curbside Bulk-Item Pickup Service

How often have you walked by that ugly couch you’ve stored in the garage, the mothballed air conditioner that no longer works, or the exercise equipment gathering dust? You’ve put off taking it to the dump yourself, and you don’t have enough to make calling the junk haulers a good deal. However, if you’re a current residential customer of LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal, we offer a curbside bulk-item pickup service just for these circumstances! Learn more below.

How Our Bulk-Item Pickup Service Works

For our current residential customers, we offer bulk-item pickup for appliances, furniture, and other larger items. See the section below for common items we pick up, as well as items that are restricted. The steps for pickup are as follows:

  • Contact LeBoeuf: Reach out to us! You can call or use the form on our contact page.
  • Pre-pay for Pickup: Once we talk to you about the items you have for pickup, we’ll estimate the price and request payment.
  • Bring Items to Curb: Items must be brought out to the curb, where we can access them with our truck.

What Is and Isn’t Allowed for Pickup

Below are common bulky items requested for pickup, along with items banned by state ordinances. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list. Contact us to get a specific list of items we accept for pickup in your area. We pick up items in a rack body truck (see picture above), so items need to be large enough to be secured to it (no smaller items).

Allowed for Pickup

  • White goods appliances such as air conditions, unless restricted under waste disposal bans
  • Furniture such as couches, loveseats, recliners, tables, and chairs
  • Electronics such as televisions
  • Bookshelves, exercise equipment, toilets, and more!

Not Allowed for Pickup

Any products that are under your state’s waste disposal bans or are classified as hazardous waste are not allowed for pickup. For example, mattresses are specifically banned in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.

When to Rent a Dumpster

Of course, if you’ve got a lot of bulk items (and maybe a renovation project or cleanup you’ve been meaning to do), it might be time to rent a dumpster. LeBoeuf offers dumpsters in all sizes! Visit our Dumpster Rental page to get started, and check out the following two posts for tips and tricks:

We want to make getting rid of rubbish from your home as easy as possible. After all, it’s right in our name: LeBoeuf Rubbish Removal! If you’re not a current customer, you could always look at making the switch to our service first: you won’t regret it. Learn more about our residential garbage and recycling services. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon! Contact us today; we’re at your disposal.

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